Terms and Conditions

On the booking confirmation you have the price that is valid for your booking with Exclusive Car Rental Rhodes. Other prices, subject to different terms and conditions, are available both at our offices and by phone.

The minimum age of the driver must be 25 years and must have a driver's license for more than 1 year.

Transportation of the car by ship is not allowed.

The payment methods at Exclusive Car Rental Rhodes are:

Debit card, VISA or MasterCard credit card.

The card used must be in the name of the main driver of the rental agreement.

Upon receipt of the vehicle, a credit or debit card must be presented in the name of the rental holder in order to provide a guarantee for the fuel tank and, where necessary, for the vehicle discharge amount.

The current price includes:

VAT and local taxes.

Unlimited kilometers.

Compulsory motor insurance requires the payment of a guarantee for any damage caused to the vehicle and any injuries suffered by the occupants of the vehicle. The amount of the guarantee is temporarily withheld on the credit card or temporarily charged from the debit card and this varies depending on the category of rental vehicle.

The maximum additional amount that the Customer will be charged for an accident if the vehicle is used correctly is the maximum additional amount for each vehicle category.

Customers who do not wish to receive this additional coverage must pay a deposit equal to the value of the exemption as defined in this article.

Important information:

The reservation voucher must be presented upon receipt of the car.

The following documents are also required: Passport or ID, driving license and valid credit / debit card. Please note that our staff may request a debit / credit card used during the online booking process if it is different from the one used to pay at our counters.

The return of the vehicle in a period longer than 59 minutes at the declared end time of the rental contract will result in a charge of one day rental charge) .

The reservation does not refer to a specific vehicle (make, model, color, accessories, etc.), but to a group of vehicles with similar technical and design features.

If the vehicle receives a fine during the rental period, you will be responsible for the full payment of the fine, as well as a fine management fee of € 40.00.

Exclusive Car Rental Rhodes reserves the right to cancel the delivery of the vehicle in case of doubts about the customer's financial ability, outstanding debts or any serious incidents with Exclusive Car Rental Rhodes.

These conditions prevail over the general conditions.