Rhodes, Kalithea, and Antoni Queen Bay

Private Tour - Rhodes, Kalithea, and Antoni Queen Bay

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Duration: 4-6 hours      Hotel / port / airport pickup       Free cancellation
1-4 people Premium Car à partir de 170 euros
1-4 people Luxury Car à partir de 200 euros
1-6 people Mini Bus à partir de 240 euros
1-8 people Mini Bus à partir de 260 euros
1-7 people Stretched Limousine à partir de 500 euros

Private tour Rhodes, Kalithea, Faliraki, and Antoni Queen Bay

Your private chauffeur will collect you and your loved ones from your hotel at the agreed time with accuracy, and he will make sure you will have a safe and very pleasant road trip to your destination.
You will reach the city of Rhodes and you will have the first impression of the Beautiful, Very well kept medieval town while driving around the walls on your way to the main entrance of the town where you will be off the vehicle and start exploring the old town of Rhodes on foot. (it’s the only way to enter the medieval town there are no cars around within the walls).

   Walk over the impressive moat and come to the palace of the Grand Master of the 14th century. Visit for close-up photos of the imposing space and the nearby monuments. Then take a walk on the Cobbled Road and have a good look to the shops and to the beautiful and very well kept interior of the old town while returning to your vehicle. ( the Chaffer will be waiting for you so you will continue your day).

After a very short drive having the beautiful port of Rhodes with the Very impressive private Yachts and Cruise ships on your Right hand site you will reach the Famous Mantraki port.

Mandraki is the main harbor of Rhodes where once mentioned in the old ages stood the Colossus of Rhodes.  Today, the statues of two deer’s named ‘’Elefos’’ and ‘’Elafina’’ stand where once stood the feet of the colossus. . By the city walls facing seawards, there is the castle of Saint Nicholaos which received its title from the patron saint of the seaman.  This castle operates as a lighthouse. 

You will walk around for some minutes while your chauffer will be waiting for you to return to the car so you will continue your day trip around the city and reach the highest point of the town, Monte smith, to enjoy the best view of Rhodes that will stay in your mind forever! You will be able to see all the city of Rhodes the west coast and even the coast of Turkey.
The whole area was dominated by the large Temple of Apollo. Below the acropolis is a stadium built in the second century and a small theatre. Most of this has been rebuilt by the Italians. For some strange reason it's referred to as Monte Smith after a British admiral Sidney Smith (1764-1840) who used the site as a lookout post to watch French naval activities in North Africa during a war with Napoleon.

After the necessary photos you will be driving along the east coast to the beautiful Kalithea Springs.
The thermal springs of Kallithea have been known since antiquity for their healing waters. In 1927, upon the initiative of the Italian commander of the Dodecanese islands, Mario Lago started a systematic study of the waters of Kallithea, as well as the construction of its facilities.
The project was awarded to the architect Petrio Lombardy and the designs were considered among the best architectural compositions of that era.
The Kallithea Springs were very popular and remained in operation until 1967.
Today the monument is renovated and it’s a beautiful place to visit and you will believe that the images you see there are coming out of a fairytale.

The last stop of this beautiful day will be the Famous Antony quin Bay.

The beach at Anthony Quinn bay is one of the most beautiful beaches on Rhodes. The waters owe their deep emerald colour to the lush green vegetation which surrounds the beach.
Natural stone surfaces ideal for reclining under the sun, pine trees reaching down to the water's edge, emerald green water - Anthony Quinn certainly showed impeccable taste when he fell in love with its miniature bay. The beach is known today by the actor's name since he bought this part of the island when filming "The Guns of Navarone" here.

• Extensions: You can add more attractions / Lunch time / Beach time
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