Private tour - Rhodes Old and New city Sightseeing and Shopping

Rhodes Old and New city Sightseeing and Shopping

Tour snapshot

Duration: 4-6 hours      Hotel / port / airport pickup       Free cancellation
1-4 people Premium Car from 150 euros
1-4 people Luxury Car from  180 euros
4-6 people Mini Bus from 210 euros
4-8 people Mini Bus from 240 euros
2-7 people Stretched Limousine from 500 euros

Rhodes old town and new town Shopping and Sightseeing  

We will meet you and your family to your hotels reception to start a lovely day!
We will reach the town of Rhodes and our first stop will be the Port of Mandraki, the port is between the old and the new town of Rhodes 5 minutes walking distance from both.
 Mandraki is the main harbor of Rhodes where once mentioned in the old ages stood the Colossus of Rhodes.  Today, the statues of two deers named ‘’Elefos’’ and ‘’Elafina’’ stand where once stood the feet of the colossus. 
You will have the chance for lot of unforgettable photographs of the maybe most impressive part of the City.
Then depending on the time and the day you will ask your driver if it’s better to start your sightseeing and shopping from the new or from the old town so you will be in time with the shops working hours.

In the Medieval  Town of Rhodes you will enjoy one of the most interesting walks of your life. You will be pleasantly surprised to wander through an intricate network of busy little commercial streets delightfully alternating with quiet alleys, in what is a very much alive town consistently dwelt in over the last two thousand years!  No wonder, therefore, that for some time now, the Medieval Quarter of Rhodes - the oldest inhabited medieval town in Europe - forms part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage network!
After the lovely walks in the new and the old town and the shopping you will meet with your driver at the port of Mandraki and you will have a lovely drive around the city to the famous beach of the Aquarium on the north end of the island and you will reach the hill of monte smith the highest point of the city so you will enjoy the magnificent view of the old and New town and understand from up there how the new city of Rhodes embraced the old one harmoniously.
After this beautiful day your driver will drive you buck to your Hotel or place of residence.