Private tour - Rhodes by Night

Rhodes by Night

Tour snapshot

Duration: 4-6 hours      Hotel / port / airport pickup       Free cancellation
1-4 people Premium Car from 150 euros
1-4 people Luxury Car from 170 euros
4-6 people Mini Bus from 210 euros
4-8 people Mini Bus from 240 euros
2-7 people Stretched Limousine 500 euros

The old town of Rhodes is ideal for your evening - night walk.
Walk the narrow cobbled streets and admire the monuments and the architecture with the evening lights will lead your mind to a different era.
Get a taste of famous Greek dishes in one of the many beautiful restaurants and accompany your dinner with a nice Greek wine.
Do not forget to walk around the port of Mantraki, the place where the Colossus of Rhodes was once located, the view from there to the old city walls will be images that you will never forget.
Rhodes by Night is one of the most enjoyable excursions you can do and you will surely have the best memories.